1995年 韓国で VFX コンポジターとしてキャリアをスタートし、日本、韓国、イギリスでカラーリスト、VFX コンポジター、ポストプロダクション スーパーバイザー、CGプロデューサーとして活動。


コマーシャル、映画、企業イメージ映像、企業VP, ミュージックビデオなどこれまでエビスビール、SHISEIDO、UNIQLOなど様々な作品に参加。


In 1995, I started my career as a VFX Compositor in Korea. I have experience as a colorist, VFX compositor, post-production supervisor, and CG producer in Japan, Korea, and the UK.

As a producer, I supervised both PRE (photographing related production) and POST (editing related production) comprehensively.

I have produced commercials, movies, corporate image videos, corporate video packages, music videos, etc. Additionally, I have been involved in various works such as Ebisu Beer, SHISEIDO, and UNIQLO.

Capable of producing any types of video such as producing videos based on VFX expertise, problem solving of both PRE (photographing related production) and POST (editing related production) and color grading.

1995년 한국에서 VFX 컴포지터로 커리어를 시작하였고,일본, 한국, 영국에서
컬러리스트,VFX컴포지터,포스트프로덕션 슈퍼바이저, CG 프로듀서로 활동.

프로듀서로서 PRE(촬영관련 제작), POST(편집관련 제작) 모두의 제작에 있어 종합적으로 감수、감독.

광고, 영화, 기업 이미지 영상, 기업 VP, 뮤직비디오 등
지금까지 에비스맥주, SHISEIDO, 유니클로 등 다양한 작품에 참여.

PRE(촬영관련 제작), POST(편집관련 제작) 두 제작 관련 문제 해결, 컬러 그레이딩, VFX 지식을 바탕으로 한 프로듀싱을 베이스로서 모든 장르의 영상 제작에 대응 가능합니다.

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Work Experience
(as a Colourist / VFX Supervisor/ Post production supervisor)

Commercial film

  1. Sapporo Breweries Limited /YEBISU Beer series
  2. EAST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY/ Adult holiday club series
  3. Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd./stona jel sinus EX「カゼ薬改革」篇
  4. The Procter & Gamble Company/SK-II series運命よりも、きれいになろう」篇
  5. UNIQLO/seteco「ステテコ&リラコ夏は来ぬ」篇
  6. KOSÉ Corporation/Sekkisei「しっとりタイプの雪肌精」篇
  7. Coca-Cola(Japan)Company, Limited/ Aquarius「JUMP・夏」篇
  8. Shiseido Company, Limited/HAKU
  9. Meiji Co., Ltd./Essel Super cup「Sweet’s 証言篇/告白篇」
  10. Mazda Motor Corporation/CX-8「Be a driver 登場篇」
  11. DyDo DRINCO, INC./miu「仲間たちとの休日 水」篇
  12. Dole Japan, Inc./極撰バナナ「私のご指名」篇
  13. NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD./ Donbei Instant Udon
  14. Ajinomoto Co., Inc./ consomme
  15. Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd./ Corporate Commercial「両親と暮らす家」篇
  16. Sharp Corporation/AQUOS mobile phone「ZETA」「充実のオフ」篇
  17. MORINAGA&CO.,LTD./ Bake chocolate
  18. ACECOOK CO., LTD./ Cup Noodles「1.5 KING TASTE」
  19. RENAULT JAPON CO.,LTD./「renault twingo japan」
  20. Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd./pocky
  21. Ajinomoto AGF, Inc./Blendy「Ice cafe ole」
  22. Kirin Holdings Company, Limited/SMIRNOFF「「HELLO, GOOD TIME.」篇
  23. KOSÉ Corporation / ESPRIQUE「ツヤめく発色」篇
  24. Coca-Cola(Japan)Company, Limited / karadasukoyaka-cha「野菜炒め定食」篇
  25. SUNSTAR/GUM Nightcare「素敵な一日」篇

And Etc…


  2. Director/Yuichi Kodama 『New Poem』(稲垣吾郎、香取慎吾、草彅剛主演)
  3. 2005年「Angel」Director/ Director/Mayumi Miyasaka
  4. 2004年「Silver angel」Director/Takayuki Suzui

And Etc…


  1. Namie Amuro「Let Me Let You Go」「Hands On Me」「Put 'Em Up」「FAST CAR」
  2. SMAP「Moment」「Mistake」「Battery」
  3. The 3rd J Soul Brothers「Welcome to TOKYO」
  4. Mr.Children「Sign」「しるし」
  5. 東京事変(Tokyo Incidents)「キラーチューン」「OSCA」
  6. 星野源 (Gen Hoshino)「Crazy Crazy」

And Etc…

Work Experience (as a Producer)

  1. GLAY  music video   [祝祭]   2021.5
  2. GLAY  music video   [BAD APPLE]    2021.8
  3. V6      music video   [雨]   2021.7
  4. SnowMan music video  [HELLO HELLO]
  5. SnowMan music video [EVOLUTION]
  6. Cowboybeebob video contents From Netflix [菅野]

And Etc…

※Except certain works from 'Works' page, these are projects that I participated at my previous company - DreamFly, inc.
※Works の一部作品を除いては以前の会社DreamFly, inc.にて参加させて頂いた作品です。